Katie Pasquini Masopust’s On Line Color & Compositiion Class


I took Katie’s 16 week online course.  We made our own original quilt every two weeks for 16 weeks, following the assignment parameters.  I really learned a lot from that class.  It was a huge time commitment, but very well worth the effort.  Working from home was convenient, as I had my entire stash to work from. 

Hollis’ Ten Year Class

October 2016





I am taking Hollis’ ten year class and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  We meet from 3-5 days per year for ten years at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas.  I have learned so much, and it is fun to see our friends and catch up with their lives every year.    We each made four quilts this year.  We were given different  parameters for each of the four quilts and then we made our own original quilts from the fabric we each brought in our suitcases from home, many of us  trying to stay under the 50 lb weight limit for the airlines!  No sharing of fabric was allowed, which was actually a very good rule because we made better use of our time as we only had one day to make each quilt top.


I Digitized the Two Sided 1 3/8” Miniature Replicas of My Original Quilt Happiness

April 2016 

 I digitized the two sided 1 3/8” miniature replicas of my original quilt, Happiness.  These are pieced through the quilt so they are visible from the front and back.  After the quilt Happiness was totally quilted, I cut six holes in the quilt along the outside edge -that took some nerve!!!! “Are you really going to do that?  What if you ruin the quilt?” my super supportive husband asked.  But, as usual, I have more guts than good sense, so I proceeded, after practicing many times, and I am pleased with the results!

My Quilt Hope Is Going To The Houston Quilt Festival For The Special Exhibit “Selections From 500 Traditional Quilts”!!!!!!

July 29, 2014

Two of my quilts, Hope and Caroline, will be published in Lark’s book entitled “500 Traditional Quilts” in September 2014. My quilt, Hope, was selected to be part of Quilt’s Inc.’s special exhibit “Selections From 500 Traditional Quilts”!!! So Hope will be traveling to Houston for the Quilt Festival, then on to the Texas Quilt Museum from January-March 2015, then on to various Quilt Festival and Market sponsored shows!! Hope is very excited about its upcoming travels!!!  Hope will be traveling with this Special Exhibit for almost one year!!!

Presenting My Color Lecture to the Nine Patch Quilt Guild in Elizabeththown, Kentucky

Elizabethtown color Lecture 2014 July 22 003
July 23, 2014

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to present my Color Lecture: ‘How to Create Stunning Quilts’ to the wonderful members of the Nine Patch Quilt Guild in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Not only are these ladies very, very nice, but what an active Guild they have!!! Their show and tell had absolutely gorgeous quilts, and their Challenge quilts were so good I am not sure how the members could pick just one to vote best challenge quilt!!!! They also had fabulous show and tell of their Block of the Month Club. The Guild also had a Goal challenge, where each member preregistered their goals, and upon completion of each goal, received a certificate and a one dollar bill. The goals were as diverse as visiting a quilt store, teaching or taking a class, or cleaning off their cutting and sewing area in their quilt room (note: not the whole room ). If you are ever lucky enough to meet anyone in this Guild, or if you know anyone in this Guild, please ask them about the Bar Challenge????? Just so you are not getting the wrong idea about this Guild…… one member received a certificate for a Bar Challenge???? We were all anxious to see her show and tell on that one!!!!! Well, she finished her Barn Quilt, which was truly lovely with different likenesses of barns belonging to her and acquaintances, complete with individualized stitching!!! It was very impressive!! Between her email and typing up the certificates, the “n” seems to have been left off of Barn, making it the Bar challenge!!! Such fun we had with that one!!!!!

Teaching EQ7 at Quilter’s Studio in Loveland, Ohio

May 19, 2014

I just returned last night from teaching a fabulous group of ladies EQ7 at Quilter’s Studio in Loveland, Ohio.  All day Friday and Saturday I taught a fun group of intelligent and enthusiastic ladies from numerous locations.  Joan came in from New Jersey via Paducah.   Susan came from Akron, Ohio and Jean from Bowling Green, each driving four hours plus (one way) to be in our class.  We covered EQ7 in great detail, laughing and sharing along the way. The owner of Quilter’s Studio, Karen Breed, graciously brought in yummy yummy (yes, that is double yummy) pretzel sandwiches, cookies and coffee cake. Quilter’s Studio is a wonderful store of beautiful, fabulous batiks.  Batik heaven!!!  Next door is the Quilter’s Studio Workshop, which houses a fabulous classroom, and in another large room are three longarm machines.  Quilting heaven!!!!!Quilter's Studio Teaching EQ7 115Quilter's Studio Teaching EQ7 112

Bernina V7 Embroidery Software

March 7, 2014

I purchased the Bernina V7 Embroidery Software the first week in December and spent significant time in January and February teaching myself the program. I have some designs I created that I would like to digitize for two quilts that I am working on. The last week in February I took a three day class in the Bernina Creative Center, which is located in Aurora, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), to continue learning the V7 software program. We learned a lot and had a great time!!


Teaching EQ7 at Bowling Green, Kentucky




Last Thursday I left home to drive to Bowling Green, Kentucky to teach a fabulous group of ladies EQ7 for two days.  It was snowing when I left home and I literally slid for the first 45 minutes of my trip, sliding sideways through stoplights and encountering numerous severe accidents on the freeway with cars totally flipped around and headed into oncoming traffic.  Fortunately, driving conditions improved as I got closer to Bowling Green.


 And what a truly delightful, fun and intelligent group of ladies I encountered!   We had a great time, laughing and learning EQ7 at the same time!   The enthusiasm of the group was certainly contagious.  These gracious ladies brought lunch in so we did not even have to go out in the cold for lunch. The ladies were so gracious and nice I even think they ordered the weather there to stop at snow flurries so our class would not have to be cancelled!!!!! EQ7 Bowling Green 001


EQ7 Class

EQ7 Class