I feel very fortunate to have 4 quilts accepted into the 2020 Virtual Quilt Festival, which is IQA’s Digital Houston Show! I am so excited that my quilt Hope placed first in the In My Mind Quilt Contest Category!!!  Then the first place winners in all five categories were eligible for viewer’s choice and mine won that award as well!!  So exciting & surprising!!  

Ann Pigneri is a quilt creator, quilt designer and quilt teacher living in Louisville, KY. She loves to design and create her own quilts and really enjoys color. She loves the interaction of color and design to create a visually stimulating and pleasing quilt. Ann loves a challenge, and enjoys teaching quilting, EQ7 classes and competing in quilt shows.


“Ann is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher.  Her enthusiasm for quilting shows in her presentation.  Taking the EQ7 software class from her helped me become a better quilt designer by showing me the tools and techniques that are available through the program.”

— Edna Lindemann

“Thanks to Ann’s class, I’ve gone from a VERY basic knowledge of EQ7 to being able to utilize options that I didn’t even know the program had.  This was such a wonderful comprehensive class and I highly recommend it to all EQ7 users!  I can’t wait to create!!”

— Susan Pfaff

“I had managed to learn the “basics” of EQ6 on my own, but never used it to create a quilt so I was so excited to be able to sign up for an EQ7 workshop.  Ann’s workshop at the Quilter’s Studio in Loveland, Ohio was a great two-day learning experience, filled with fun and Ooh’s and Aah’s as we worked along with Ann on our PC’s.  She was so much fun, as well as totally versed in the program, giving individual help to anyone who needed it.  I came away from the workshop excited to start designing my own quilts, feeling very comfortable in the knowledge that if needed, Ann is just a phone call away.  Having traveled from New Jersey to Paducah, Kentucky and then on to Loveland, Ohio I can honestly say that Ann’s EQ7 workshop was the highlight of my trip. Thank you Ann!”

— Joan B. from New Jersey


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