Workshops:  $700.00 per day (6 hours of teaching), $475.00 for 3 hour workshop

Lectures: $500.00 with workshops, $575.00 for lecture alone

Additional student fee above 20: $35 per additional student.

Longarm Classes & Fees:  Please contact Ann.

Expenses: All travel expenses will be paid by the guild/conference/store. These include transportation, lodging and meals. These include: mileage when driving reimbursed at current government IRS rate, or round trip airfare plus parking fees at Louisville airport, plus ground transportation to and from your airport, plus baggage handling fees if airline is charging them.

Accommodations: Lodging in a nonsmoking hotel is preferred with internet access. If this is not available, please provide a private room and bath in the home of a reliable member.

Meals: Meals should be available within walking distance if Ann does not have a car. Ann prefers low fat healthy meals whenever possible.

Sharing Expenses: Expenses will be shared by groups booking multi-venue tours, including days or times that Ann must stay overnight between group teaching tours. This will include airfare, mileage, tolls, parking, meals, bus/limo fare/rental car, and extra day lodging and meal expense. Individual groups will be responsible for lodging and meals on days that Ann is working for them.

Cancellations: If a guild/conference/store cancels after airline tickets have been purchased, or any other expenses have been incurred by Ann, then the guild/conference/store must pay all previously incurred expenses. If a guild/conference/store that is part of a multi-venue tour cancels, they will be responsible for paying the teaching fees plus expenses which they had contracted for. A guild/conference/store may cancel up to three months prior to the date of the workshop or lecture, provided no airline tickets have been purchased or other expenses has been incurred by Ann.


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