Thursday June 27, 2013



IMAGINE MY SURPRISE….A good friend and I drove to Columbus, Ohio for the wonderful NQA show the end of June.  At my suggestion, we decided to race to the bathroom first before entering the show.  However, as we peeked in the door of the show, there was my quilt Hope in the winner’s circle!!!!  So much for my rest room trip!!  My other round quilt, Caroline, also won an Honorable Mention! This was a surprise discovered after I returned home and checked their website.  Despite having ordered a sufficient number of ribbons, their supplier was unable to fulfill their entire order.  So my second beautiful ribbon arrived in the mail later!  And to add to  my delight, when my quilts  arrived on my doorstep, the evaluations said that both quilts were held in contention for Best Machine Quilted!   Another Happy Day!

Color: How to Create Stunning Quilts & Threads, Threads and More Threads

February 23, 2013

Yesterday I taught McTavishing at Austin’s and what fun we had!!  Lots of learning and laughter!!  Next Friday, March 1st I am teaching Color:  How to Create Stunning Quilts from 9:00-noon at Austin’s. Why make a ho hum quilt when it takes just as long to make an awwww….how did you do that quilt?  Learn some easy to understand and simple principles to aid you in future color selection to make your quilts have pizzazz. Even traditional quilts can be enhanced with fantastic color selection!  Come join us for the lecture & extensive trunk show.  And why not make a day of it?  Stay for  Threads, Threads, and More Threads from 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon. What weight of thread should I use?? 12 weight, 30 weight, 40 weight, 50 weight, or 100 weight silk?  Why is this 30 weight a different size than that 30 weight? Untangle the confusion. Bring your machine and we will sew with the broad array of threads available and also explain why and when to use each type. We will also play with different tension settings and tricks to make each run smoothly through your machine to produce that beautiful quilt. Bobbin work will also be covered.  Trunk show included.  Join us to master each different thread type, have a good time, and learn a lot in the process!!







McTavishing & Beyond

I am looking forward to teaching McTavishing and Beyond at Austin’s Sewing Center in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, February 22nd, from 9:30 – 4:30.  I am certified by Karen McTavish to teach McTavishing.  I learned to McTavish on a home sewing machine but purchased a longarm in March 2012 so I can address both situations.  I will be teaching on a home sewing machine, but I usually have several long arm gals in my classes as well.  Come and join the fun & learn to put your own style on McTavishing!     Visit my Workshops & Lectures section for more information!   Visit Austin’s Sewing Center!





Yesterday I  finished beta testing EQStitch, a plug in auto digitizing program for EQ7

 I do not own any digitizing software, but have taken some extensive classes on the different software available as I am possibly interested in pursuing this in the future.  I have also made several lace embroidery items for my quilts.

Two thoughts gave me pause when considering auto digitizing software.  One was the amount of time I would need to invest to master the program. The second was the amount of money I would spend, as these programs can be very pricey.  On both issues, EQStitch proved that I need not worry. If you are familiar with EQ7, it is very logical and simple to use.  On-line help screen is wonderful, and EQStitch uses the same EQ7 tools we are familiar with.  The price is also low, so it is a great entry level auto digitizing software which will be available between mid February and the end of February.



10/ 26/12 and 10/27/12

I taught 1 ½ days of EQ7 at Austin’s Sewing Center in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the most extensive EQ7 class I have taught to date.   Students really learned the program inside and out and left with extensive color handouts to enable them to replicate the classroom adventures at home when working on their own quilts with EQ7.  And what fun we had!!!!! I will be teaching this again at Austin’s Sewing Center in Louisville, Kentucky on May 17th and May 18, 2013.  So if you want to learn all the intricate wonderful features of this program, join us!




Cover of Show Book!!!

August 2012

I love to design, piece and quilt my own quilts and was thrilled to have my original quilt selected for the cover of the Show Book and the cover of the CD of Show Quilts for the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show in August 2012!!!

View these items in my Awards section!









I taught Quilts With Pizzazz:  How to Design Your Own Quilt Even If You Do Not Have A Single Idea Spinning In Your Head, at Berea, Kentucky today.  We had a great time, and I was thrilled with the wonderful quilts designed by the students in class!! What fun and what creativity!  Visit my Workshops & Lectures section for more information!