Elizabethtown color Lecture 2014 July 22 003
July 23, 2014

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to present my Color Lecture: ‘How to Create Stunning Quilts’ to the wonderful members of the Nine Patch Quilt Guild in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Not only are these ladies very, very nice, but what an active Guild they have!!! Their show and tell had absolutely gorgeous quilts, and their Challenge quilts were so good I am not sure how the members could pick just one to vote best challenge quilt!!!! They also had fabulous show and tell of their Block of the Month Club. The Guild also had a Goal challenge, where each member preregistered their goals, and upon completion of each goal, received a certificate and a one dollar bill. The goals were as diverse as visiting a quilt store, teaching or taking a class, or cleaning off their cutting and sewing area in their quilt room (note: not the whole room ). If you are ever lucky enough to meet anyone in this Guild, or if you know anyone in this Guild, please ask them about the Bar Challenge????? Just so you are not getting the wrong idea about this Guild…… one member received a certificate for a Bar Challenge???? We were all anxious to see her show and tell on that one!!!!! Well, she finished her Barn Quilt, which was truly lovely with different likenesses of barns belonging to her and acquaintances, complete with individualized stitching!!! It was very impressive!! Between her email and typing up the certificates, the “n” seems to have been left off of Barn, making it the Bar challenge!!! Such fun we had with that one!!!!!

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